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Our services

Your buying office in Asia, from the design to the delivery

Product design and packaging design

Attention to detail of your carefully defined needs

Quality control

At the beginning, middle and end of your production with documented report


From our carefully vetted network of partners


End to end logistics from transportation, customs to your warehouse or point of sale


Careful scrutiny of your production with our quality control teams

Real-time updates

With your personal access to our platform, you will always know the state of your merchandise and have access to related documents

Our products

Our collections are constantly evolving. Our frequent and transparent communication with the production sites and our daily proximity to various countries around the world (France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Canada, USA) allows our team to stay ahead of the fast-paced retail tools production market with the latest research and innovation.

Tactil Tablets

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Transparent LED displays

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Gondola head

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Counter display

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Opaque transparent LED

background produit

Hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers

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Small LCD Screens

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Hologram Fans

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HDMI cables

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HDMI splitters

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Wall mounts

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Totem LED

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A real know-how

After spending 8 years in Shanghai, we saw first-hand that direct purchasing in Asia was a painful experience. When we first began 15 years ago, companies struggled with importers, leading to a loss of flexibility in design and production control while raising costs. We created Highgy, our buying office in Asia, as a necessity to bring the most innovative products without sacrificing the price advantages of production in Asia.

With tight partner relationships, our aim is to find the most suitable production site for your needs. Our constant evaluation of price, quantity and quality creates the best option for your brand and image.

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